Update to version 3.5.1

Add 4 new transition effects.

Update help file.

Update to version 3.4.0

Allow add motion effect to photos.

Update to version 3.2.0

Allow add video files.

Update to version 3.1.5

Supports publish as HTML5 video.

Add more text config: row space, vertical and horizontal scale.

Update to version 3.1.4

Add useful template: Numeric.

Update to version 3.1.3

Add useful template: Spot. Supports preloader config.

Update to version 3.1.2

Add new feature: Burn EXE to CD/DVD

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AlbumMe Quick Look Video

Update to version 3.1.1

Add french Language file.

Update to version 3.0.9

Add options config under help menu.

Update to version 3.0.5

Allow password setting when publish as executable.

Update to version 3.0.0

Support German and Italian. Add 20 new templates.

Update to version 2.9.0

AlbumMe allow add text hyperlink.

Update to version 2.8.5

AlbumMe Deluxe supports HD video.

Update to version 2.8.0

Release AlbumMe Deluxe.

Add feature: Publish as video file; Add blank frame; Allow add more than one music.

Update to version 2.5.1

Add feature: templates group by date.

Add 6 more templates.

Update to version 2.3.1

Add feature: open project on main menu page.

Add 27 more cliparts.

Add 9 free templates.

AlbumMe Flash Slideshow Executor 1.3 released!

A Freeware for uses who want to publish slideshow as EXE file.

Update to version 1.5.0

New feature: Custom Intro,End background.

Update to version 1.4.0

New feature: Auto check additional templates.

Add 3 more templates.

Update to version 1.3.3

Add 2 Intro text effect.

Update player mode templates.

Update to version 1.3.1

Add 6 new text effect.

Update to version 1.3.0

Support new mode: Player mode. And add 4 Player mode templates.

Update to version 1.2.0

Add Four additional templates.

And we plan to provide 20 more free templates within 2 months.

Update to version 1.1.0

New feature - Share Online

You can upload the show you published to our server host for free. A Link will be returned after you upload successfully.
It will be too easy to share your show to your friends, just copy and paste the link.
Also, you can use the Html code to embed the show into your web pages,MySpace profile to show off.

Reviewed by softpedia, Click to view.

Thanks a lot to softpedia. AlbumMe will keep updating, and provide more free templates soon.

A 25% discount coupon is created for softpedia uers.

Here is the Coupon Code: SPE-E1XH

Notice: The Coupon Code will be invalid after 03/29/2009.

Update to version 1.0.2

Update font setting window, more easier to config the "Intro" or "End" texts' font.

Update to version 1.0.1.

Fix bug:

Application shut down suddenly in some users' computer.

AlbumMe 1.0.0 is published!



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